Gnome fallback with Mutter

If you wish to run Mutter as your window manager in Gnome's fallback mode (Gnome 3.0 and above, Fedora 15 and above), install the package below. Obviously, you will need to have a graphics driver that works in 3D accelerated mode.

WLAN Control

Frustrated with Network Manager in Fedora 11, I wrote this little program to control my LAN and WLAN connections. The logic is simple: if you have one LAN and one WLAN connection, this program will use LAN if it detects the link. Otherwise, it will switch to WLAN. Connections are defined using classic tools (i.e. without Network Manager). Once the RPM is installed, just run service wlan_control start.

Rexursive Metacitiy Theme

A minimalistic, high performance theme, based on Atlanta, Simple, Mist and Flat Blue icons, prepared for Fedora Core 2: