Welcome to Rexursive!

I develop and support free and/or open source software, or FOSS for short.

My primary platform is GNU/Linux, but I am no stranger to other Unix systems. I mostly write software in C programming language, but I'm familiar with some other environments too.

Rexursive.com exists since April 2002. However, my history of involvement with computers goes back to early 1980's, during my high school years. Since then, I've been working with various things, from Fortran and Pascal on CDOS, Clipper on DOS, C on Unix, DOS and TOS/GEM to Java on whatever. I've also done my share of PC (server) hardware and Windows, especially NT, to be finally captivated by FOSS and Linux.

I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHEL3). If you would like to verify that, contact me and I will give you my certificate number. This certification is not current any more.

On 10 April 2006, folks from Apache Portable Runtime project asked me if I would like to be a committer on the project and I accepted. I used to be a Tomcat committer in the past, but my contribution was insignificant.

I also maintain some packages in Fedora.